“The idea of organizing this conference is really good and interesting. This conference should contribute to the harmonization of judicial decisions and attitudes, so that our citizens and our companies do not suffer the risk that the court will treat them differently in certain cases. Therefore, I want to emphasize that this conference is important for human rights, for establishing some certainty, but not difference, which leads to legal chaos. I think that such conferences should be organized more often to make it easier to achieve the desired goal.”
Slobodan Soskic, President of the Bar Association Belgrade
“Frankly, I liked the conference very much, it even exceeded my expectations. The level was extremely high, starting from the quality of organization to the selection of topics and lecturers. The conference was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and contacts with colleagues - lawyers from the region, as well as with members of the business community.”
Vlatko Ristovski, Lawyer from Skopje
“This was a very nicely organized conference, the lecturers were excellent, I was especially impressed by Mr. Tim Jones from London.”
Stefan Pavlovic, fourth year student at the Law Faculty in Belgrade
“Very interesting topic! The lecturers were also of very high quality. Macedonian lawyers shoul be part of this conference in the future as well. Keep the good pace!”
Bojana Stefanovska, Lawyer at the Agency for Electronic Communications of Republic of Macedonia
“The conference went on smoothly. I am sure that the target group drew certain conclusions from the conference: some lecturers were more focused on the legal risks in companies, others were focused on the general rules and everything that constitutes legal risk.”
Marijana Poznan, Head of Legal Department in "Fresenius Medical Care"
"Legal risk management" is changing category, a wide field to be addressed both by the lawyer and the client, as well as by the courts and individuals. Legal risk is a topic that is always in the lawyer’s spotlight, tending to be the link between the client and the court and predicting legal risks. The lawyer, that besides well knowing domestic legislation, is familiar with the legislation of the European Union as well, needs to know how to perceive legal risk and the problems arising thereof, for the client it represents. When it comes to legal risk assessment, what it is very in regard to the court is the standardization of court practice, which by itself can not mean that much as the education of the lawyer about assessing legal risks. I can say that corporate law requires a lot of knowledge regarding legal risk assessment and I think we should organize more such conferences in the countries of the region in order to raise awareness of these issues which are important, given the fact that more and more European companies open subsidiaries in these countries.”
Vladimir Soskic, Lawyer from Belgrade
“The conference was very well organized, certain new aspects of law were presented. In general, the conference is very important for legal safety, a topic generally not much talked about. The lecturers were of very high quality, their presentations were excellent!”
Valentina Rankulovic, fourth year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“I am very satisfied with the conference, it was a really useful experience!”
Milanа Kozomara, lawyer from Novi Sad
“I am very satisfied with the conference. This is a new topic, we had the chance to hear about by various international lecturers, which is very useful for us.”
Milka Gajinov, Judge at the Court of First Instance in Novi Sad
“The conference was great, especially the fact that there were participants from our region and the wider region, which contributed to a quality event.”
Savo Manojlovic, Junior fellow at the Constitutional Court of Serbia
“I am more than satisfied by AKADEMIK’s conference, I did not expect this high level of organization. The lecturers from Europe, USA, Macedonia were excellent, and of course so were the domestic lecturers - from Serbia. The panel on public-private partnership was also very, and I was really astonished by the part on arbitration. I heard a lot of new things, new horizons and new topics for reflection are in front of me now. Of course, if you organize something like this again, I will be in the front rows!”
Mina Tausanovic, Vice President for seminars and conferences in ELSA - Belgrade
“I am very pleased with the conference. We had the opportunity to hear many interesting things and upgrade our knowledge as students.”
Luka Gjorgjevic, a third year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“The conference was really well organized, the lectures were excellent. We heard interesting experiences regarding the topic.”
Marija Cabarkapa, Lawyer from Belgrade
“The conference was excellent, good organization, good speakers ... A new topic is being open in the work of lawyers, so we are happy with it.”
Vlatko Velickovski, Lawyer from Skopje
“I would like to express my most positive impressions especially as we are talking about a topic that is still not that developed in our region and a topic that certainly needs to constantly talk about and hear someone's professional experience. Definitely, a very important topic in all areas of law.
Ljiljana Paunovic, Regulatory Reform and Regulation Effects Analysis Office
“At this conference one can learn many things – especially about the factors and manners in which legal risk is established. For me as a student, this is a new area and I'm really glad that I was part of the conference.”
Milisav Angjelic, third year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“I am very satisfied with the conference and it is important that there were many quality lecturers who spoke about various aspects of legal risk establishing. They shared their experience on how to assess legal risk, how to work better, or generally how to reach better legal safety.”
Stanko Divljakovic, third year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“Such experiences and meetings are an invaluable asset for getting introduced into the practical application of law in different environments. All praises for the organization of such a conference because this way we can see where we are right now.”
Ignjat Pancevski, Lawyer from Skopje
“This is the first conference in Serbia which refers to legal risk management and it is interesting to hear the experiences of experienced lawyers and members of the business community.”
Bogdan Banjat, Lawyer from Belgrade
“I am very pleased with the organization of the conference and the lecturers. I especially liked the presentation of Mr. Dimitrov, a topic which we are very interested in. I would like to have such conferences more frequently.”
Aleksandar Sajic, Managing Partner at the law firm “Sajic”, Banja Luka
“I'm a big fan of and I follow the work of Mr. Georgi Dimitrov. I think that he is one of the most extraordinary lawyers in our region. I wanted to come to the conference in Skopje, but due to other circumstances I did not manage to be part of, so I was hardly waiting for the Belgrade conference. Anyway, much can be learned from this event and it was obvious that all were willing to share their knowledge openly and without concealment. This is perhaps one of the best conferences I have attended!”
Aleksandar Gjorgjevic, Lawyer from Belgrade
“Many nice topics: educational, experiential, empirical ... I think that such conferences should be organized more often. I did not attend the conference in Skopje, but here I am attending the Belgrade one and I plan to be part of the next one as well.”
Nenad Krstevski, PhD in Law, Head of Legal, MEPSO AD Skopje
“I am extremely pleased with the conference, and although I'm not a lawyer by profession, I was interested in the contents. I had the opportunity to be part of Skopje conference as well and I think this one was even better. The lecturers’ presentations were excellent, especially those related to experience of how law is applied. I think that the last lecture of the legendary lawyer Toma Fila marked the whole conference.”
Lazar Zakovski, Owner of "Euro Tabak" DOO Skopje
“I am very pleased with the conference because the issues discussed are very common in practice. So, I can emphasize that the conference was very nicely planned and organized and I think it was effective.”
Aleksandar Mladenovic, Belgrade Public Prosecution
“These conferences are very important. This is perhaps the start of this topic for our region and I welcome the step. The lecturers were extremely interesting and completed their work in an immaculate manner.”
Mlada Katic, Judge at the Misdemeanor Appeals Court in Belgrade
“Excellent and very successful conference. It was really well organized at a global level, as it should be!”
Slavica Pahic, Judge at the Misdemeanor Appeals Court in Belgrade
“I am very pleased with the conference because this is a new topic that will yet experience its popularity. The conference was very useful since colleagues from across the region were present, the region being expected in the near future to link in legal sense and therefore I think that there should be more such events.”
Jovica Bunchic, Lawyer in "NELT" DOO
“The conference was excellent. I am an economist by vocation and I was really pleased to hear these speeches today.”
Vaska Petrovic, Economist at the Agency for Electronic Communications of Republic of Macedonia
“The conference met my expectations because I think there was full coverage of topics especially important to me as a legal adviser at the bank.”
Zlatan Miletic, Lawyer in ProCredit Bank Belgrade
“I am honored to be here today. I am very pleased with the conference. Such topics have not been touched upon so far, and "legal risk" is a topic that one has a lot to hear about, especially from the colleague lawyer from Macedonia, Mr. Dimitrov and the London colleague, Mr. Jones. It was interesting and educational to be part of.”
Radomir Radojcic, President of Zrenjanin Court
“The conference fully met our expectations, and I was especially impressed by Mr. Georgi Dimitrov, who spoke about managing legal risks in litigation. I was interested in the presentation of Mr. Gagovski and ASPEKTAL, a software that I think can assist many of us lawyers. Perfect Conference!”
Vera Romic, Enforcement agent from Belgrade
“All lecturers were concise and good, but somehow Mr. Dimitrov got hold of my attention the most. I was also very interested in the presentation about for ASPEKTAL.”
Marija Glavovic, Lawyer
“The conference was great, the topics interesting and I'm really satisfied.”
Marko Zdjelar, Lawyer from Belgrade
“We are overwhelmed, the lecturers and the topics are phenomenal - we learned a lot of new and useful things for us as students.”
Tamara Velickovic, first-year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“The idea and contents of the conference were excellent. Well planned conference the aim and effects of which will surely come. The organization was excellent - with German punctuality!”
Efto Spiroski, Lawyer from Skopje
“A lot of useful information could be heard and I am very satisfied. Some things were familiar from earlier because I spent a slightly longer course of practically the same area, but I will repeat one again that I am extremely pleased with today's presentations.”
Branko Bozanic, Head of Legal Department in "Hip - Azotara" DOO Pancevo
“The conference exceeded my expectations, I am very satisfied. The lecturers were very professional, I especially liked that there were many practical examples. Well done!”
Aleksandra Gajic, Head of the Legal Affairs Office at "Sberbank" Serbia
“I think that the conference was very useful and important, especially for us now studying and acquiring information that we will use in the future.”
Kristina Jeric, first year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“We are very satisfied with the organization of the conference, indeed at world level, with top lecturers. Me and my colleagues were very interested in the topic "Legal risks management" because it is not sufficiently spoken about in Serbia, although becoming very popular.”
Tamara Ivanisevic, Vice President, Municipalitybof Becej
“I have only positive impressions of the conference. The topic of the conference is something everybody involved in law should know about. The quality of the lecturers was excellent.”
Vanja Mugosa, Managing Partner, “Jovovic, Mugosa, Vukovic”, Podgorica
“A really useful conference! I gained knowledge that will certainly be helpful to me after graduation. I was thrilled by Toma Fila and the conclusion that human rights are not protected, which is something that future generations need to work on!”
Nikola Kostic, second year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“The conference met my expectations and familiarized me with the topic of "Legal Risk”. I'm so glad that I was part of this event.”
Darko Stankovic, first year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade
“This conference is one of the first ones on this topic in Serbia and was quite successful. Many interesting topics were discussed, many important issues were raised. "Legal Risk Management" is a topic discussed in companies and a topic provoking a lot of headaches. The last panel, the criminal - legal panel was fantastic, one of the best lawyers in the area of the former Yugoslavia, Toma Fila, gave a fantastic lecture. Also, the civil - legal panel was excellent and I am very pleased and will be looking forward to the next conference organized by you.”
Nenad Zujic, Vice President for Financial Management at ELSA Belgrade